Firearms rentals

Whether you are interested in trying a gun before you buy one, or you just want to try out something new, we have the largest assortment of firearms to rent in the Lakes Region (including machine guns)!

Gun Rental Pricing

We offer a range of pricing plans to accommodate shooters of all levels.
PLEASE NOTE: All ammunition for Rental Firearms MUST be purchased from Belmont Firearms & Range. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Prices below reflect normal price, save 25% by being a member in good standing!


Glock 17 G4 (S)9 mm$20 ($30)
Glock 17 GS9 mm$20
Glock 19X9 mm$20 ($30)
Glock 19 G4 (S)9 mm$20
Glock 19 MOS9 mm$20
Glock 19 G59 mm$20
Glock 2010 mm$20
Glock 21 G445 ACP$20
Glock 22 G440 S&W$20
Glock 23 G440 S&W$20
Glock 26 G49 mm$20
Glock 27 G440 S&W$20
Glock 3040 S&W$20
Glock 31357 Sig$20
Glock 349 mm$20
Glock 3540 S&W$20
Glock 3645 ACP$20
Glock 42380 ACP$20
Glock 439 mm$20
Glock 4422 LR$20
Glock 489 mm$20
XDM-99 mm$20
XDM-4545 ACP$20
XD-99 mm$20
XDS-4545 ACP$20
XDS-99 mm$20
Hellcat9 mm$20
Hellcat Pro9mm$20
SA-359 mm$20
509 (S)9 mm$20 ($30)
FNS-99 mm$20
FNX-4045 S&W$20
Millennium G29 mm$20
VP9 (S)9 mm$20 ($30)
Mark 23 (S)45 ACP$30
USP 4040 S&W$20
USP 4545 ACP$20
USP 99 mm$20
VP9 SK9 mm$20
USP Compact45 ACP$20
American9 mm$20
SR99 mm$30
SR2222 LR$20
LC9s9 mm$20
LCP II380 Auto$20
Springfield A145 Auto$20
Springfield TRP45 Auto$20
SigArms Revolution45 Auto$20
S&W 500 (9 inch)500 S&W$25
S&W 629 (8.25 inch)44 Magnum$20
S&W 44 (6 inch)44 Magnum$20
S&W 629 (6.5 inch)44 Magnum$20
S&W 45 (5 inch)45 ACP$20
S&W 22 CTG (6 inch)22 LR$20
S&W 357 (4 inch)357 Magnum$20
S&W 22 CTG (4 inch)22 LR$20
S&W 357 (2.5 inch)357 Magnum$20
S&W Airweight (2 inch)38 SPL + P$20
Ruger Lite (S)22 LR$30
Ruger Mk IV Target22 LR$20
Ruger Mk IV22 LR$20
Ruger Mk III22 LR$20
Ruger Mk II22 LR$20

Rifles & Machine Guns

Ruger 10/22 (O)22 Win Mag$20
Ruger 10/22 (O)22 LR$20
Ruger Mini5.56$20
Marlin Lever 30/3030/30$20
Rem. 700 Tact Bolt (O)308$20
Rem. Bolt Action22 LR$20
AK-47 Arsenal Pistol5.56$20
AK-47 Century Wasr-107.62×39$20
Colt Sporter M4 Carbine5.56$20
SCAR FNH 16S5.56$20
SCAR FNH 17 (O)308$20
Anderson AM-15 (16-in)(O)9 mm$20
Sig Sauer MC (16 in)(O)5.56$20
MGI Hydra (S+O)300 Blackout$20
S&W M&P 15-2222 LR$20
S&W M&P 15-2222 LR$20
Galil Ace5.56$20
Kriss Vector9 mm#20
M-60 + 100 Round Belt308$350
M240b + 100 Round Belt308$400
249 SAW + 200 Round Belt5.56$400
*(S) – Suppressed Option
*(O) – Optics Ready
AUG (Standard)5.56$48
AUG (Long Range)5.56$65
Steyr9 mm$48
Uzi9 mm$48
Uzi9 mm$48
H&K MPS-A29 mm$48
H&K MPS9 mm$48
H&K MP-A39 mm$48
H&K MPS-SD (SD)9 mm$60
UMP45 ACP$48
Beretta Model 129 mm$48
STAR Model Z-709 mm$48
KRISS Vector45 ACP$60
SCAR 17 (Drum)308$200 ($350)
AK-47 Arsenal7.62×39$48
AK-47 Nornico7.62×39$48
Glock-189 mmRequest
Beretta PMX9mm
B&T APC9mm
Tommy Gun45 ACP$75
Swedish Model K9 mm$75
Grease Gun45 ACP$75
Sterling9 mm$75
Sten9 mm$75
Reising Model 5045 ACP$75
Browning BAR30-06$200

Need help picking out a firearm to try?

Ask our expert staff and they will get you set up with the right firearm and ammunition. You are more than welcome to bring your own gun to use at our indoor firing range, but if you don’t own a gun or just want to try something new we offer a huge selection of firearms for you to rent and use during your visit.

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